Martin Aakervik grew up in the suburb of Oslo in the 80s and 90s. 2014 he release his first professional distributed album in Norwegian «Gnistene Fyker» (The Sparks fly.) He brought with him a bunch of charismatic musicians and artists from Norway and Sweden.

Martin Aakervik was guitarist in «Horebandet» (Whore-band), which annually visited Rockefeller and made a firework of a show, with several of Norways greatest artists. He has lived and survived as a singer songwriter in Gothenburg for a period of ten years. Active in the Nordic music scene, he was a board member of the songwriters’ club Nye Skalder (New Skald 1998-2004) and Norwegian representative in Nordvisa (Nord-Singersongwriter 2004-2008).

«Jazzmystikk» (Jazz-mystery) is a Norwegian song he has written that was released on the album Nordiska Spår (Nordic Tracks.) He has also written on behalf of the Norwegian Composers Fund and toured or held concerts in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

October 2020 he released his first English lofi song “Restore the Human Rights” on YouTube